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Hear what our customers are saying.


“Hi everybothy....
My name's Tânia and I'm a Portuguese Nurse.

Me and my partner, have been recently in a recruitment process with your agency and I’m writing to let everybody know about our experience.

So basicly, we dealded directly with Chris Morse from Healthcare Professionals and he was AMAZING.

We started this process with HP at the beginning of March and since then that Chris was the most helpful person I have ever found to date, and I say this as we've had some bad experiences with other recruitment companies before, which in the end never lead us to nowhere.
Now with HP and with the precious help of Chris, the process was quite fast.
I sent our CV's for the company in the morning and the afternoon on the same day was being contacted by Chris. He asked what were our interests and perspectives to want to work in the UK.
Once clarified the objectives, Chris asked me to give him a few hours, and on the same day he had a list of possible interviews.
The next day he confirmed a few more interviews and we also had one on the telephone. After that it was just catch a plane to UK, renting a car at the airport and take the country from north to south, literally, to meet all the interviews he got us (all in the space of one evening and one day).
During the stay in the UK Chris was always amazingly helpful and helped us to find places to stay during the nights, during the trips that we have been doing for several interviews.

Another great thing was the fact that Chris, as intermediate between us and the Hospitals we visited, have always traded our annual salarys so amazing and smart making our offerings rose.

At the end of our trip, Chris has always remained in touch with us to update all the things that went before and was always available for us to contact him at any time of day or night if we needed.
After all, this process took place extremely fast and after over three weeks after the interviews, everything was ready for us to move to the UK.

And here we are ... since 3 weeks in this beautiful land full of green, surrounded by people who welcomed us very well. It's like having a new family and not feeling very displaced from home (PT).

Even today, Chris returned to contact me to see how everything was going and showing readiness to help in anything else we might need.

Great ... is all I have to say.

I recommend this company to all who think coming to UK.”


Tânia and Paulo
Portuguese Theatre Nurses


"I am a Portuguese Nurse recruited by Healthcare Professionals to a Hospital in Sussex. I would like to say thank you to HCP for believing in me and for the opportunity of starting a new career in England.
A special word of appreciation to Serji Calver for her professionalism, honesty and integrity as long as her infinite patience and sympathy and without whom any of this would have been possible."


Portuguese Surgical Ward Nurse


“Hello Everybody, my name is Sara, i'm a doctor from Italy presently working in the UK. I just want to tell you how did i find the Healthcare Professionals Organization, can be good and helpful for you to know how serious and efficient organization is this. I get in touch with them randomly but i felt really happy with them since the beginning. If i have to describe them i would use the following adjective: always available, efficient, serious, concrete and really helpful whether for the job whether for accommodation. So, i would suggest you to stay in touch with the Healthcare Professional because they will give you a really big hand in a different country you are not used to live (not always easy!).
By the way: enjoy UK :0)”


Italian Anaesthetics Doctor


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